Formulation Development  & Production

SOP for Formulation Development & Topics Related to Formulation Development and Production

  1. Type of Pharmaceutical Dosage Form in Formulation
  2. Type of Controlling drug delivery
  3. Pharmaceutical Excipients and its use
  4. BCS Classification
  5. Tablet Friability
  6. SOP on Calibration of Friability Apparatus or Friabilitor
  7. HEPA filter in the pharmaceutical industry
  8. Hold Time Study
  9. Tablet Scoring or Splitability study or Breakability Test
  10. Thermal cycling
  11. In Use Stability Study
  12. Different Types of Glass Containers used in pharmaceuticals.
  13. Types of Blenders and Their Purposes
  14. Types of Defects of Tablets with Solutions
  15. Principle & Working Process, Construction, Application and Advantages of Tray Dryer
  16. Bulk Density and Tapped Density
  17. Difference between Suspension and Emulsion
  18. Size, Shape, and other Physical Attributes of Generic Tablets and Capsules
  19. Angle of Repose or Poured Angle
  20. Common Tablet Defects and Possible Causes with Remedies
  21. Infusion vs Injection
  22. Autoclave Principle
  23. Autoclave Sterilization Cycle
  24. Basic Parts of Autoclave
  25. Packaging Material used in Pharmaceuticals
  26. Testing of Glass Containers Primary Packaging
  27. Sterilization in Pharmaceuticals
  28. Autoclaving
  29. Difference betweena Class B and Class N Autoclaves
  30. Bowie Dick Test
  31. Vaccume leak test in Autoclaves
  32. Types of Autoclaves
  33. Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL Test)
  34. LAL test Procedure
  35. Climatic Zones for Stability Study
  36. Fluidized Bed Dryer (FBD): Principle, Working Process
  37. Tablets (Pharmacy)
  38. Pharmaceutical Powders: Definition, Classification and its Uses
  39. Preparation of Pharmaceutical Powders
  40. Incorporation-of-ingredients-into-pharmaceutical-powders
  41. Classification of Tablet Coating
  42. Buccal and Sublingual Tablets
  43. Type of Tablets
  44. Compressibility index and Hausner ratio
  45. Tapped density and Bulk density
  46. What is Untapped bulk density and how to measure it?
  47. Different types of dosage forms in Pharmaceutical Industries
  48. What are the Different types of Modified Dosage Forms?
  49. Solubility Enhancement Techniques in Pharmaceuticals
  50. Hausner ratio
  51. What is SFM test in Fluid bed Dryer (FBD)?
  52. Troubleshooting steps and solutions for fluid bed dryers (FBD) issues

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SOP on Pharmaceutical Formulation Development & Production

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