Angle of Repose or Poured Angle

Angle of Repose or Poured Angle

  • It is a parameter usually used for the calculation of interparticle force that affects mostly powder mobility.
  • The simplest and easiest method for the calculation of the (θ) is the “poured” angle.
  • A funnel with a wide outlet is attached at a distance of 10 cm above the bench, where a piece of paper is placed directly below the funnel.
  • The powder is poured onto the funnel when it is locked. The powder flow through and gather on the paper. The diameter of the cone (D) and two opposite sides (L1 + L2) are measured with rulers.
  • It is calculated from the equation

Angle of repose (θ) =

arc cos [D/(L1 + L2)]   or tan-1(2h/d)

  • The connection between flow properties and angle of repose has been established.


The angle of repose (θ) is Less than 25° = Excellent Flow

If it is More than 40° = Poor Flow

Angle of repose
Angle of repose.


The angle of repose (θ)Flowability
Less than 25°Excellent
25 to 33°Good
30 to 40°Passable
More than 40°Very Poor
56-65°Very Poor Flow / Very Cohesive
> 66°Approximatively no flow
Angle of Repose

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