Packaging Materials in Pharmaceuticals

What is pharmaceutical packaging materials ?

Definition of Packaging Material:

  • Packaging is defined as the science, art and technology that includes providing protection to the products for sale, distribution & Supply, storage and its usages.
  • Additionally, packaging makes it simple to recognize the products. In the pharmaceutical sector, it’s critical for packaging to maintain the products’ purity.

Ideal Characteristics of Packaging Materials used in Pharmaceuticals

The material nominated for packaging must have the below characteristics

  1. The Pharmaceutical product or preparation needs to be protected from the external elements or environments.
  2. The products shouldn’t react with the packaging material.
  3. It must not be harmful.
  4. It must not give the product any flavour or smell.
  5. It shouldn’t be affected by unfavourable manufacturing circumstances.
  6. It should shield medicines that are susceptible to light.
  7. It must be easily accessible, doable, and affordable.

What is Packaging Material in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

Classification of Packaging Materials in Pharmaceuticals:

They can be generally categorized by the layers and their functions:

  1. Primary Packaging:
    • It is the material that holds or contains the Pharma product. This packaging material comes in direct contact with the product and might have a direct effect on the product’s shelf life.
    • Examples: Plastic bottles (HDPE Bottles), Blister packs, Wrappers & Aerosol spray cans.
  2. Secondary Packaging:
    • Secondary Packaging is the material used to grip or hold a group of primary packaging materials with the product.
    • It is not immediate in contact with Pharma Products.
    • Examples: Boxes & Cartons.
  3. Tertiary Packaging:
    • It is mainly used for bulk handling and shipping of products.
    • Examples: Containers, Barrels and Crates.
Packaging Materials in Pharmaceuticals
Classification of Packaging Materials used in Pharmaceuticals

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