Difference between a Class B and Class N Autoclaves

What is the difference between a Class B and Class N Sterilizer?

  • The method used to remove air from the chamber prior to the start of sterilization is the primary distinction between a Class B and Class N (Gravity Displacement Sterilizer).
  • Basically, this establishes what kinds of devices, materials, or products can be disinfected effectively in a Class B sterilizer as opposed to a Class N sterilizer.
  • Class N Sterilizers available in market are as above:
    • Midmark M9 and M11, or
    • Scican Statim 2000, 5000 or
    • Flight Clave16 or Clave23.
  • These sterilizers create a downward displacement using steam from a boiler or steam generator, which forces the air out of the chamber before the sterilizing cycle starts.
  • This method of air removal employs steam to get rid of the air inside the chamber, however depending on how it’s done, it may not completely get rid of the air, especially from hollow or porous instruments.
  • A Class B sterilizer, on the other hand, is able to remove air more thoroughly from the most challenging load types before the sterilizing cycle starts with the use of a vacuum pump.
  • Complete air removal from the chamber with the aid of the vacuum pump enables improved steam penetration into challenging load types to it.
  • The Clave B Sterilizer sets itself apart from its rivals in the industry by being able to offer the best air removal through the use of a premium pulsating vacuum pump that eliminates air both before and after sterilization.
  • Additionally, the autoclave B makes use of a special steam generator that may deliver quick and effective sterilization by injecting short bursts of steam into the chamber.
  • The Clave B can handle any type of materials or loads and is quite powerful with 5 programmed cycle types and 3 test programme types built in. It also has an easy-to-use interface.
  • The test programmes include the Bowie Dick Test, which ought to be carried out each day, the Vacuum Test, and the Helix Test, which might assist in validating the efficiency of the Autoclave device.

Brief Difference between Positive pressure displacement type (Class B) vs Gravity displacement type autoclave (Class N) autoclave:

Class B SterilizerClass N Sterilizer
Also known as “Positive pressure displacement type:.Known as “Gravity displacement type autoclave (Gravity autoclaving)”
Type “B” Autoclave required Vacuum Pump. Pre-Vacuum for Cold Air Removal procedure and Post Vacuum for Hot Air Removal/Venting process.No vacuum is used by Type “N” devices to remove air from the sterilizing chamber.
Provide wrapped hollow/porous devices with improved penetration and sterilizing.Natural Ventilation or Compressor-Assisted Drying required
Shorter Sterilization TimeLonger Sterilization Time
Shorter Drying TimeLonger Drying Time Required
Daily Bowie and Dick Tests (B&D Test) Required
Faster Total Cycle Time
Class B and Class N autoclave

Positive pressure displacement type (B-type) autoclave

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