Quality Assurance

Here are the some important Topic and SOP covered in the Quality Assurance Page.

  1. SOP on SOP
  2. Change Control
  3. Training Procedure
  4. Change Control Form
  5. Deviation/Event
  6. Good Documentation Practices
  7. User Requirement Specifications (URS) in Pharmaceuticals
  8. Issuance of Documents
  9. Instrument/Equipment Numbering Systems
  10. Out of Specification (OOS)
  11. Out of Trend (OOT)
  12. Difference between Calibration and Validation Qualification of Instrument/Equipment
  13. Area Monitoring
  14. Computer System Validation (CSV)
  15. Validation of Sterility products
  16. Cleaning Validation
  17. Technology Transfer
  18. Domestic Approval : Form 11, Form 12, CT-10
  19. 21 CFR 11
  20. Analytical Instruments Category
  21. Resolution (RS ), Selectivity, Column efficiency, Column Symmetry, Asymmetry Factor, or Tailing Factor
  22. Good Documentation Practices (GDP & ALCOA++)
  23. ICH Guidelines
  24. GAMP Guideline
  25. Acronyms and Abbreviations– Pharma
  26. Difference between Incidence and Deviation
  27. HEPA filter in the pharmaceutical industry
  28. Buccal and Sublingual Tablets
  29. Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
  30. User Requirement Specifications (URS) in Pharmaceuticals
  31. The 6M Method in Pharmaceutical Laboratory Investigations
  32. 5 whys method in pharmaceutical industry
  33. Different types of dosage forms in Pharmaceutical Industries
  34. What are the Different types of Modified Dosage Forms?
  35. Classification of Tablet Coating

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