Dots Per Inch (DPI) and Pixels Per Inch (PPI)

DPI:  Dots Per Inch & PPI: Pixels Per Inch

DPI, a measure of spatial printing, video, or image scanner dot density, counts the number of discrete dots that can be arranged on a line inside the space of one inch (2.54 cm).

Similar to dots per centimetre, dots per centimetre (d/cm or dpcm) is a more contemporary phrase that describes the number of distinct dots that can be positioned within a one-centimeter line (0.394 in).

What does DPI mean?

The term “DPI” refers to the quantity of printed dots that make up an inch of a printer-made image. PPI is for pixels per inch, and it describes how many pixels make up an inch of an image on a computer screen.

It is the evaluation of a printer’s resolution. The amount of dots per square inch doubles with each doubling of the its rate. As a result, 200 delivers 40,000 dots per square inch as opposed to 10,000 at 100 dpi (see table below). This also applies to screens, which use pixels per inch as a measurement (ppi).

DPIDots Per Square Inch

Which is better quality 300 or 1200 DPI?

The resolution and copy/print quality improve with increasing it. As an illustration, 1200 X 1200 dpi will provide you with better resolution or copy/print quality than 600 X 600 dpi, providing you with better half tones.

DPI-Dots Per Inch

Other DPI Meanings:

  1. Dual-polarization interferometry: Using the evanescent wave of a laser beam, the analytical method known as dual-polarization interferometry examines molecular layers that have been adsorbed to the surface of a waveguide. It is used to gauge how proteins or other macromolecules change their structure while they work (also known as the conformation activity relationship).
  • A Dry-powder inhaler (DPI): It is a device that disperses dry powdered medication into the lungs. Although it (like Inhalable Insulin) have also been used to treat diabetes mellitus, respiratory disorders like asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, and COPD are the most common conditions for which they are utilised.
    • There are three type of Dry-powder inhaler: Turbuhaler, Accuhaler and Ellipta devices.
  • Dye penetrant inspection : This is a non-destructive testing technique to check cracking or braking
  • Direct Programming Interface: It is a computer system interface language

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DPI vs. PPI: DPI is the more popular choice. PPI, or pixels per inch, is also often used. Both words can be written in lowercase letters and have the same meaning.


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