What is full form of DRS?

DRS: Decision Review System

  • The Decision Review System (DRS), originally known as the Umpire Decision Review System (UDRS), is a technology-based system that aids match officials in making decisions in cricket. On-field umpires may request an Umpire Review from the third umpire, and players may request that the third umpire evaluate a decision made by the on-field umpires (known as a Player Review).

Trial Match:

  • The Player Referral system (DRS) was first verified in an India vs. Sri Lanka match in the year 2008


  • It was officially launched by the International Cricket Council (ICC) on 24 November 2009, during the first Test between New Zealand and Pakistan at the ground of “University Oval” situated at Dunedin.


  • It was 1st  used in One Day Internationals (ODI) in January 2011 during England’s tour of Australia.


  • The first T20 event to use the technology was the 2018 ICC Women’s World Twenty20.
  • It was used in the knockout stages of Pakistan Super League 2017, which was the first time DRS used in a T20 league.
  • DRS was used for the first time in a T20 International in India vs. Australia T20I series in October 2017
DRS-Decision Review System

DRS: Drag Reduction System

  • Television replays, technology that tracks the path of the ball and predicts what it would have done, microphones to detect small sounds made as the ball strikes the bat or pad, and infrared imaging to detect temperature changes as the ball strikes the bat or pad are the main elements that have been used.
  • The drag reduction system (DRS) is a type of driver-adjustable bodywork used in motor racing to reduce aerodynamic drag and improve maximum speed and overtaking. It’s a car’s adjustable rear wing that moves in reaction to driver input. For DRS to be activated, the chasing car must be within a second of the detection point (when both cars cross the detection point).
  • DRS made debut in Formula One in 2011.
DRS-Drag Reduction System in F1

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