What is the meaning of Megapixel ?

Megapixel: This phrase describes the size of an image, typically in relation to a photograph taken with a DSLR or camera phone.

One million pixels make to a megapixel. Megapixels are frequently used to express the resolution of digital cameras and camera phones. A 12-megapixel camera, for instance, can create photographs with a total of 12 million pixels.

A 1-megapixel camera will create an image that is approximately 1200 pixels wide by 900 pixels high because pixels are typically square and organised into a grid.

When enlarging or cropping a photo, Its count is most important. Some phones, for instance, allow users to “zoom in” without sacrificing clarity and without using an optical zoom lens.

To accomplish this, they merely crop an 8-megapixel image from the camera’s original 23-megapixel image (for example.)

More megapixels-rich images contain greater detail, but their higher file sizes make them more difficult to send or download and use more storage space.

If requested, most cameras and camera phones allow users to shoot images at a lesser resolution (smaller). This may help you conserve storage space.


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