What is full form of BBC?

BBC: British Broadcasting Corporation

  • British Broadcasting Corporation is the full form of BBC. It is one of the major television networks in a many of countries around the world that broadcast news programmes.
  • In India, the United States, China, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, and Australia, the its news channel is well-known and widely broadcast.

History :

  • John Reith and George Villiers founded it on 18th October 1922.
  • Its first daily broadcast on 14 November 1922 done in Marconi’s studio in London broadcast.
  • BBC acknowledged the Royal Charter in the year 1927 and the new title was nominated for it which is “British Broadcasting Corporation” instead of “British Broadcasting Company”.
  • It began broadcasting in November 1936 at Alexandra Palace in London.
  • During World War II, it had to continually shuttering the television networks and instead used radio to warn, educate, and entertain the television audience and fans.
  • In 1953, it televised the Queen’s coronation ceremonies. The audience for this ceremonial occasion was estimated to be around 22 million individuals. Citizens developed a demand for television sets at home as a result of such a broadcast, which helped to boost television sales.
  • In June 1960, the It opened its first television centre in West London, which later became the organization’s headquarters.
  • In the year 1997, it has launched BBC online (bbc.co.uk), which quickly became one of the world’s most reliable sources.
  • Its trust became the BBC’s principal controlling body after signing a ten-year charter with the government in 2007 and began to expand its online services globally.
BBC World
  • Founder: John Reith, 1st Baron Reith
  • Founded: 18 October 1922, London, United Kingdom
  • Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
  • Subsidiaries: BBC News, BBC Weather, BBC Worldwide etc.

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