What is FIR ?

FIR: First Information Report

FIR full form is “First Information Report”.

  • When police organizations in South Asian and Southeast Asian countries such as Myanmar, India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan receive information about the commission of a cognizable offence, or when the police receive information about any criminal offence in Singapore, they prepare a first information report (FIR).
  • When police acquire information on a cognizable offence, they create a written report.
  • A police officer has the ability to make an arrest without a warrant if the crime is cognizable.
  • It is usually filed by the victim or someone acting on his or her behalf.
  • A signed copy of the FIR is delivered to the victim or the person who filed it when it is registered by the police.
  • It is against the law for police to refuse to file a FIR.
  • An FIR is a crucial document since it aids in the criminal justice process.
  • The police can only begin their investigation when it has been filed.
  • The content of a it cannot be changed once it has been lodged.
  • Every police station keeps track of the information in the registry.

The following information can be found on a FIR page.

  • FIR No.
  • Victim’s name or the name of the person who register the complaint
  • Name and description of the criminal (if known)
  • Description or Nature of the offence
  • Place and time of the crime
  • Witnesses (if any).

Rules to file an First Information Report:

  • Anyone who has knowledge of the commission of a cognizable offence can register it.
  • When information about the commission of a cognizable offence is conveyed orally, the police must write it down.
  • The victim or the person filing the complaint has the right to request that the police information be read to him or her.
  • The individual providing the information must sign the document once it has been recorded. If the person is unable to write, the document might be stamped using the left thumb impression.
  • You should obtain a copy of the FIR after submitting it. If the police refuse to supply you with a free copy of the it, you have the right to request one.

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