What is the full form of DSC?

DSC: Digital Signature Certificate

  • DSC stands for Digital Signature Certificate in its entire form. It’s a digital version of a physical or paper document that’s provided by a Certification Authority (CA) to confirm and certify an individual’s or organization’s identity. Driving licenses, passports, and membership cards are just a few examples.
  • The Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) typically includes information about the user’s identification, such as the user’s name, PIN code, nationality, email address, certificate issue date, certificate expiration date, and certification authority name.
  • For some online transactions and application submissions, a DSC is required by law. This document serves as verification of an individual’s identity for a certain purpose; for example, a driver’s licence identifies a person who is legally permitted to drive a vehicle in the country mentioned on the document.
  • The Information Technology Act of 2000 includes provisions for the use of digital signatures on documents submitted in electronic form to assure the security and authenticity of those documents.  This is a safe and secure method of submitting a document electronically.

Some important things to know about DSC:

  • Legal Warning: It will be illegal to utilise the Digital Signatures of anyone other than the person to whom the document is addressed.
  • Certification Agencies: There are a total of eight Certification Agencies authorised by the CCA to issue Digital Signature Certificates (DSCs).
  • Class of DSCs: The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has specified a Class-II or above category signing certificate for e-Filings under MCA-21
  • Validity of Digital Signatures: It has validity upto 2 year.
  • Costing/ Pricing of Digital Signatures
  • Obtain Digital Signature Certificate:

Certificate of Digital Signature (DSC) Applicants can approach Certifying Authorities (CAs) directly with original supporting papers; in this situation, self-attested copies will suffice.

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Certificate of Digital Signature (DSC)-MCA

Other full forms of DSC:

Full FormCategory
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Debian Source ControlSoftware
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Description fileFile Extensions
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Differential Scanning CalorimetryPhysics
Digital Selective CallingCommunication
Digital Setting CircleMathematics
Digital Signal ControlElectronics
Digital Signal ControllerElectronics
Digital Still CameraInstruments & Devices
Direct Self ControlEducational
Direct Servo ControlElectronics
Directory of Social ChangeRegional Organizations
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Display Stream CompressionDisplay & Graphics
Distinguished Service CrossMilitary
Distributed Source CodingCommunication
District Selection CommitteeExams & Tests
Dixie State CollegeUniversities & Institutions
Doctor of ScienceAcademic Degrees
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