FAX: Facsimile

  • Facsimile is abbreviated as FAX. It is the most common spelling and pronunciation. It’s a scanned copy of text and graphics printed on paper sent over the phone from one party to another. Fax machines are devices that deliver documents electronically via a telephone network.

How FAX works ?

  • This machine is a mixture of scanner and printer exclusively. Scanner 1st  scans the page and translates into Digital fixed graphic image and then bitmap and transfers it over telephone line.
  • It is a scanner and printer combined into one device. Scanner scans the page first, then turns it to a fixed graphic picture, bitmap, and sends it over the phone line. If a person has to send a document through fax, he inserts a piece of paper into the this machine, which keeps the copy of the document and turns it into a fixed graphic picture before sending it over the phone to the recipient.


  • Alexander Bain developed the fax technology in 1842. He was the first person to send image/text over telephone line signals. Later, Frederick Bakewell enhanced Bain’s innovation and built the first image telegraph, which is comparable to the this machine we use today.
  • When the newer technology known as “email” came into being in the twenty-first century, fax technology became obsolete.

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